Black Mirror arrives on France 2 with 6 unreleased episodes in the clear

Black Mirror arrives on France 2 with 6 unreleased episodes in the clear

San Junipero, USS Callister or Chute libre can be (re)seen on television, from 9:10 p.m. to 4 a.m.!

Just before season 6 of black-mirror does not arrive on Netflix, in mid-June, with 5 new episodes for subscribers to the platform, France 2 announced that it had signed a deal with the streamer allowing it to offer an evening black-mirror, in short, to viewers. The day has arrived!

This Monday, July 3, from 21.10, we will dive for the night into the fascinating universe of Charlie Brookerwhich describes the world of tomorrow with humour, derision, darkness and emotion, sending us back to our technological addictions.

6 unseen episodes on free-to-air television will be offered and will allow those who do not know black-mirror to discover this multi-award winning English anthology. Below are the episodes that will air:

virtual hate (S03e06)
With: Kelly Macdonald, Faye Marsay and Benedict Wong (Shaun Li).

A series of bloody murders strikes people embroiled in “bad buzz” in the British media. The police responsible for finding the culprit discover his new weapon, but above all his motivations. Agent Karin Parke testifies before the English court and gives her version of the facts regarding the events of last May. On May 15, she was called to the scene of the murder of Jo Powers, a journalist who had written a virulent article against a disabled activist who had taken the Ministry of the Environment to task. The victim was found with her throat slit and the house shows many signs of a struggle.

Free fall (S03e01)
With: Bryce Dallas Howard, Alice Eve and James Norton.

We are in a society ruled by personal popularity where each person rates others from 0 to 5, with the highest rated having access to better services. Lacie only lives to improve her 4.2 rating and wants to do anything to get her dream apartment. When her high-status childhood friend asks her to be her bridesmaid, Lacie sees an opportunity to improve her grade and fulfill her dreams.

Crocodile (S04e03)
With: Andrea Riseborough, Kiran Sonia Sawar and Andrew Gower.

As Rob and Mia are driving home after a drunken night out, Rob crashes into a cyclist on the road, killing him instantly. He manages to convince Mia to help him dispose of the body in a nearby lake. Fifteen years later, Mia, who has become a renowned architect, happily married and mother of a child, is away to give a conference. Rob, sober for a few months, visits him at his hotel and shows him a newspaper clipping mentioning the cyclist, whose wife is still convinced to find him alive. Will Mia be able to hide her terrible secret when Shazia, an insurance investigator, rings at her door, gleaning recent memories of a nearby accident?

USS Callister (S04e01)
With: Jesse Plemons, Cristin Milioti and Jimmi Simpson.

Captain Robert Daly of the Space Fleet leads the crew of his starship, the USS Callister, with a firm and fair fist. The captain and his crew hunt their enemy, the barbarian Valdack, across the galaxy. In the real world, Robert Daly is the creator of the online video game Infinity, developed by the company he co-founded, Callister Inc., but his own employees view him with contempt. A new employee, Nanette Cole, takes her first steps at Callister, fascinated by Daly’s coding skills.

San Junipero (S03 e04)
With: Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Mackenzie Davis and Denise Burse

Yorkie arrives in San Junipero in 1987, a seaside town. The shy young woman befriends Kelly, a party girl and outgoing. A powerful bond that seems to defy the laws of space and time. San Junipero is actually a virtual reality system for elderly people at the end of life, which they can test out (five hours a week at most) before choosing to upload their minds to it after they die.

Hang the DJ (S04e04)
With: Georgina Campbel and Joe Cole.

In the near future, at a time when social networks are more important than ever, the ways of meeting the ideal partner have evolved. Frank and Amy, in their thirties, participate in a dating system where every relationship has a start and end date. They communicate via an interactive screen that allows them to speak to their virtual coach, who guides them. The app evaluates and sets a relationship time that cannot be changed. Frank and Amy therefore get to know each other and discover that they will only be together for twelve hours.

Charlie Brooker Had ChatGPT Write an Episode of Black Mirror and “It Was Shit”

Among them, First advise you above all San Junipero And Hang the DJ, very well placed in our top of the anthology series. However, they will be scheduled late, since the broadcast is scheduled until 4 a.m.

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