Airing postponed for season 4 of The Boys

Airing postponed for season 4 of The Boys

Creator Erik Kripke backs the writers’ strike and says nothing will be possible until there’s a “fair deal”.

The filming of season 4 of The Boys has already been completed for several months. But executive producer Erik Kripke announced on Twitter today that he stands in solidarity with the ongoing writers’ strike. In fact, he announces that the broadcast of season 4 of The Boys will depend on “the duration of the strike“.

Kripke reveals that there is still “a good amount of dialogue that we rewrite after shooting, in post-production and that the actors come back to record. Writing is essential at every stage of the process. Thus, the current movement prohibits proceeding with post-production currently.

And suddenly, Kripke announces that he cannot “give answer“As for the broadcast date of season 4 of The Boys. “Tell the studios to make a fair deal with the WGA.”

To make fans wait, he still posts this bonus photo of a Vought cereal box bearing the image of The Deep ! Just for fun.

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