Ryan Murphy is leaving Netflix!  The creator will join Disney Plus

Ryan Murphy is leaving Netflix! The creator will join Disney Plus

The creator has been a hit with Dahmer and The Watcher in recent weeks. But he’s leaving to go work at the competition.

Five years after signing his huge deal with netflix (between 250 and 300 million dollars), ryan murphy leaves the firm at the red N. To go to the competition. More precisely, the creator and director will find his long-time collaborator Dana Walden, with whom he worked before at 20th Century Fox. He is expected to sign on to a new global deal at Disney, which would mean creating content for Disney Plus.

It should be specified that ryan murphy had gone to netflix before Disney acquired 20th Century Fox. Walden was CEO of Fox Television Group at the time. She now oversees Disney’s entire entertainment, news and content media portfolio worldwide, including the Disney Plus streaming business.

Ryan murphy has never really cut entirely with Fox, since its franchises American Horror Story Or 9-1-1 sece are continued on the channels of the Fox group, with other showrunners and producers, during his period netflix.

A prolific period for the creator, since within the framework of his contract with netflix, he released 10 film and series projects in 5 years. There was in particular The Politician or Ratched, with Sarah Paulson, which did not explode as hoped. It’s actually recently, with Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Then The Watcher (September and October 2022) that ryan murphy really hit the platform.

Besides, netflix working on a season 2 of Monster: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Storyalready teased and promised for 2024. On the other hand, season 2 of Ratchedonce announced, seems buried.

The deal of ryan murphy with netflix officially expires at the end of June.

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