Secret Invasion: the final twist of episode 1 explained!

Secret Invasion: the final twist of episode 1 explained!

“You have to stay true to the story, stay true to the character”, justifies the director, while the fans are in shock.

She was expected at the turn and she started with a big boom. The new Marvel series from Disney Plus, Secret Invasion, has already shocked Marvel fans, after 1 episode. Spoiler alert!

Indeed, Nick Fury and Maria Hill were to carry out this new mission together, against the invasion of the Skrulls on Earth. It looks like the character of Samuel L.Jackson will be solo on this one, since his lifelong sidekick was killed, shot at close range after 55 minutes of series, by Gravik, the leader of the evil Skrulls, who took on the appearance of Fury to lure Maria and shoot her without that she does not see the blow coming. “It was you…” she says in a last breath to her boss of SHIELD, when the real Nick Fury runs to her bedside. Too late. Maria Hill is dead, thinking that it was Fury who killed her. Hard!

“You have to stay true to the story, stay true to the character of Maria Hill. She’s totally lost after what just happened, after being shot by who she thinks is Nick Fury“, justifies the director, Ali Selimin TVLine. “It’s really about an emotional truth in this moment, rather than the greatness of Maria Hill and the MCU. This moment lives or dies in Cobie Smulder’s gaze. That gaze that says, ‘I can’t to believe that it has just happened”. It had to breathe sincerity.”

And justly, Cobie Smulders believes that she had the opportunity, thanks to this episode 1, to finally offer some depth to her Maria: “It’s the most depth I’ve been able to show of Maria Hill since I’ve been in the MCU. That’s the beauty of these Marvel series. They allow us to show who these characters are, when they are not catching bad guys and saving the world (…) we discover more intimate moments”she said a few weeks ago, before the broadcast of this episode and therefore the official disappearance of her character.

Maria Hill has been present in the MCU since avengers in 2011 and in a dozen Marvel productions thereafter, until Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Whether she miraculously survived remains to be seen. At first no: “Nick Fury becomes an American Western hero, you’ll see why… As the episodes progress, Nick Fury turns into a kind of John Wayne!” said Ali Selim in front of the press a few days ago. We understand better why. In the rest of the series, he should find himself solo in this revenge mission, to fight the Secret Invasion.

Answer next Wednesday in the continuation of season 1 on Disney Plus.

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