Scott Adkins isn't a fan of Road House's digital fight scenes

Scott Adkins isn't a fan of Road House's digital fight scenes

“Patrick Swayze didn’t need that!” laments the actor, martial arts pro.

Scott Adkins gave his opinion on Doug Liman's new film, Road House, on Twitter, and given his own talent for martial arts choreography, his comments sparked a debate on social networks. Did the filmmaker need to have so much recourse to digital technology to confront each other Jake Gyllenhaal and the MMA champion Conor McGregor ?

“I loved Road House, begins the actor, unrecognizable in the last John Wick. Doug Liman has done a great job subverting this genre, and Gyllenhaal is in incredible form. And what a start for Conor!”

“I'm always happy to see a film like this, he continues, but anyway, what were those CGI fight scenes? Swayze didn’t need that!”

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A little before the broadcast of Road House on Prime Video, Gyllenhaal had precisely promised a staging out of the ordinary for the many sequences where his character fights on screen.

“Doug always films action in a different way, and when he told me about this project, he immediately said: 'I want us to do fights in a way that we've never seen before,' he detailed. He became obsessed with how punches should impact opponents, or kicks. He didn't want us to play it out in a way that the public had already seen in the past in these kinds of confrontations.”

Stunt coordinator Garrett Warren (Logan, Real Steel…) then added that the director had taken care of each fight, asking his actors to attack the camera head-on and follow their movements as closely as possible, to clearly convey the power of the blows: “Doug wanted us to achieve this throughout the film, he said. The scenes were never interrupted. When you watch this movie, the fights go beyond anything that has ever been filmed in cinema history. It’s something revolutionary.”

This choice of staging did not convince Scott Adkins, who continued to offer spectators another fighting film, much more spectacular in his opinion: “For all those who are impressed by the clashes of Road Housedon't forget what Johnny Nguyen managed to do in 2006 with the very low-budget film The Rebel. His staging amazed me. When you use these kinds of effects sparingly, it can have a huge impact.”

He accompanies this post with a video in which he deciphers one of these sequences:

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The story of Road House : A reinterpretation of the cult film from the 80s. It follows Dalton, a former UFC fighter, who accepts a job as a bouncer in a bar in the Florida Keys, but discovers that this paradise is not what it seems .

Trailer :

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