Scream Creator Calls for Neve Campbell's Return: 'Give Her Her Money!'

Scream Creator Calls for Neve Campbell’s Return: ‘Give Her Her Money!’

Kevin Williamson, the screenwriter of the first opus, now executive producer, defends the main actress of the saga.

Neve Campbell, the actress playing the character of Sidney Prescott since the first Scream in 1996 did not want to join the cast of the sixth installment because of disagreements over his salary. She said it was a “very difficult decision to digest”.

The actress spent 25 years of her career playing the heroine of the saga, she became the face of the franchise, in which a masked killer attacks a group of teenagers, murdering them one by one. another, forcing the survivors to unmask him. Wes Craven is the cult director of the first three episodes of the franchise.

Neve Campbell explains why she left the Scream saga

As such, Kevin Williamsonthe screenwriter of the first four parts, defends himself on the podcast Happy Horror Time : “I totally respect his decision. I know exactly where she comes from, I know her very well. (…) I love everyone involved in Screamand all I can say is: ‘Give him his money!’ That’s what I would do, I would give him his money.He also adds: “I’m sure there’s an amount that everyone will agree on, so hopefully they find it someday.

While he left his role as screenwriter from fifth film released in 2022, which announced a kind of reboot of the saga, Kevin Williamson shares what he originally planned for the character of Sidney Prescott in these sequels: “Scream IV, V and VI was going to be about the love story of Sidney Prescott and it was going to be this whole story of her falling in love, planning to get married and all based around her marriage at the time of the murders start again. (…) We think: would the man she fell in love with still be the killer? Is she redoing a Billy Loomis (her boyfriend in the first part who turns out to be the killer)? Does she make the wrong choices again? Is she still picking the wrong guy?

If ever the actress Neve Campbell reprising his role in the sequel to the franchise, Kevin Williamson assures to be “absolutely determinedto give him a happy ending. It is Chris Landonthe director of Happy Birthdead who takes the reins of Scream 7. Kevin Williamson concludes on his current role as executive producer of the saga: “I feel like I got the experience I always wanted with those last two movies.” For him, it’s much more “amusing” to be behind the scenes and “not having the stress of filming and delivering a script is a real relief.

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