Second Tour, Albert Dupontel's new film, unveils its poster

Second Tour, Albert Dupontel’s new film, unveils its poster

After the success of Adieu les cons, Albert Dupontel is back in force with a film about the world of French politics.

With Goodbye idiotsreleased between two periods of confinement, Albert Dupontel saved French cinema (in part) thanks to this touching chronicle about a 43-year-old woman looking for a son she never knew, attracting in its wake nearly 2,000,000 spectators and establishing itself as the second biggest success of Dupontel director behind goodbye up there.

Nicolas Marié – Goodbye idiots: “Albert is picky, but has a goal”

The filmmaker and actor will return this year with Second Rounda film focusing on the middle of French politics in which we can find Cécile de France, but also one of her favorite actors Nicolas Marié, and Albert Dupontel himself in a tailor-made role…

A political journalist in disgrace placed in the football section, Miss Pove is asked to follow the in-between rounds of the presidential campaign. The favorite is Pierre-Henry Mercier, heir to a powerful French family and a novice in politics. Troubled by this candidate whom she knew less smooth, Miss Pove embarks on an investigation as surprising as it is jubilant”, reads the official synopsis.

This is the second time that Albert Dupontel and Cécile de France have toured together after In balance in 2015, directed by Denis Dercourt. Nicolas Marié has been present in all of Albert Dupontel’s films since the beginning of his career, with the exception ofgoodbye up there.

Second Round will be released in French theaters on October 25. Check out his poster:

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