Series Mania: Patricia Arquette (finally) explains Lost Highway in a captivating masterclass

Series Mania: Patricia Arquette (finally) explains Lost Highway in a captivating masterclass

The actress was the guest of honor at the festival and spoke at length about her career.

Present yesterday at the Séries Mania festival as guest of honor, Patricia Arquette spoke at length about her career in cinema and television, during a masterclass hosted by journalist Olivier Joyard. The opportunity for the actress to discuss her collaboration with David Lynch on Lost Highway, a masterpiece of the 90s and an object of fascination whose mysteries no one has really solved. Arquette herself seemed lost on set: “ I asked David: ''Am I playing two characters? Am I playing a ghost?'' He replied: ''What do you say, Patricia?'' This is a woman we observe through the distorted point of view of a misogynist psychotic. He hates women and so he doesn't really trust her, even though he's married to her. He kills her but he forgets that he did it, then he reinvents himself as a virile young man and he meets her again. And now she really wants to fuck him and she's falling in love. But even in this version, she remains a whore (…) In this man's mind, the woman is always the monster, no matter what. For this role, I had in mind Jezebel and Salomé, the bad girls of the Bible. »

That's the explanation. Furthermore, Patricia Arquette mentioned the difficulty of filming nude scenes in Lost Highway : “ I was so modest as to take my bath in the dark. So the scene where my character had to undress was terrifying for me. A few guys on the team were saying vulgar things and I reported it to David: ''I'm not comfortable''. He replied: ''You read the script. But wait, who says things like that?'' When I came back, all these guys were looking at their feet, looking sorry. »

Patricia Arquette's entire masterclass is visible on the Séries Mania website (you just need to create an account to access it, as well as all the series screened during the festival).

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