Stranger Things season 5 will be like a huge blockbuster

Stranger Things season 5 will be like a huge blockbuster

Director Shaw Levy promises great spectacle for the final chapter of the Netflix saga.

Already, season 4 had pushed the length of the episodes to the extreme, signing two chapters lasting around 90 minutes and a finale worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster lasting 2h20! Obviously, the fifth and final season of Stranger Things will not do less. In an interview with Total Film magazine, executive producer and director Shawn Levy even assures that they pushed the cursor a little more.

“We have to be the logical continuation of season 4 and therefore we must extend the scale and the ambition of our episodes for season 5. We are really in a major cinematographic narrative. Just, we call it a TV series but Stranger Things 5, it will basically be like cinema. As big as any big movie you see in theaters.”

A very big show in perspective and big episodes to come. We understand from the director’s statements that the production thinks of each of the last 8 chapters as a film in its own right.

Nevertheless Stranger Things 5 is still waiting to start filming. Strikes in Hollywood are currently blocking the teams. And it will then take a whole year to film the 8 episodes of this final season, not to mention post-production and promotion.

There is therefore little chance that this blockbuster season 5 of Stranger Thingsof biblical proportions, could be on Netflix in 2024. We will most likely have to wait until 2025.

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