Streaming platforms are evil for Christopher Nolan

Streaming platforms are evil for Christopher Nolan

For Oppenheimer’s blu-ray release, the filmmaker defends the physical format: “I want to make a version that you can own and put on a shelf so that no evil streaming service can come and steal it from you.”

Monday, November 13, an evening event took place in Los Angeles on the biopic which was a hit this summer at the cinema: Oppenheimer. The special screening revealed the making-of of the film with the presence of members of the team – including Christopher Nolan who took the opportunity to affirm the importance of releasing works on physical media, and not directly via streaming services.

The director said a lot of time and energy went into putting the Blu-ray together Oppenheimerin particular to preserve unique image and sound quality. Christopher Nolan argues that this is one of the reasons why moviegoers should buy him rather than consume his work on a platform.

“Obviously, Oppenheimer was quite an adventure for us, it was time for me to make a version for home. I worked very hard for months. I’m known for my love of directing and putting my guts into it, but just as important is how you can watch it at home.”

Martin Scorsese found the Barbenheimer phenomenon “wonderful”

The Dark Knight was one of the first films that we formatted specifically for Blu-ray because it was a new format at the time. And in the case ofOppenheimerwe paid a lot of attention to the Blu-ray version…trying to translate the photography and the sound, adapting it all to the digital realm with a version that you can buy and own, that you can put on a shelf so no evil streaming service can come and steal from you.”

Oppenheimer will likely debut on Universal’s Peacock streaming service in the United States, although no official date has been set at this time. On the other hand, it will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on November 22 in France… facing a certain barbie. Yes, “Barbenheimer” returns, this time to our living rooms!

The list of multiple Barbie and Oppenheimer bonuses can be found here.

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