Summary of Première n°542: Tom Cruise, Barbie, Oppenheimer and Harrison Ford, stars of the summer 2023 issue

Summary of Première n°542: Tom Cruise, Barbie, Oppenheimer and Harrison Ford, stars of the summer 2023 issue

Première takes you behind the scenes of summer blockbusters.

Tom Cruise is ready for his new stunts of Mission: Impossible 7while Harrison Ford is already performing his on the big screen in Indiana Jones and the Dial of DestinythatOrlando Bloom prepare the cars Gran Turismo and that a historic match is expected on July 19 between two big productions that everything opposes: Barbie And Oppenheimer.

Barbie vs Oppenheimer: who will win the box office battle?

As you will have understood, this summer 2023 issue will talk at length about the hollywood blockbusters which will make headlines until the end of August. But the editorial staff will also offer you a focus on interesting independent films, like the Daughters of Olfaof Kaouther Ben Hania (nominated for the 2021 Foreign Film Oscar with The man who sold his skin), and more generally our favorites from the last Cannes film festival, which will be released in the summer. Including the Palme d’Or Anatomy of a fallof Justine Triet.

On the Classics side, we come back to the creation of Ride with the devilofAng Lee. As well as on top The big jump Or The sailor who left the sea. As for film reviews, Master Gardener To Ruby the Teen Kraken Passing by Dried herbs, on the branch And The Persian Shadows in the cinema (in addition to all the works mentioned above), as well as Pearl, Tyler Rake 2 Or Blood streaming, writing First will be able to advise you. In series, focus on The Full Montyseason 6 of black-mirror And Great Expectationsnot forgetting an interview with Lily Rose Deppof which The Idol caused a scandal.

Finally, this summer is Fatih Akinback with Rheingoldwhich lends itself to the game of “movie that…”

Issue 542 of Première (July-August 2023) has been available since Wednesday June 28 on newsstands.

Good reading !

The feeling of summer

Can you smell this summer fragrance? We are not talking about scorching temperatures, but about these blockbusters that are in a hurry. In any case, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen so many promises. The summer will therefore be hot, and there will be something for everyone. Adventure, thriller, mental biopic and meta-feminist (?) comedy, among others! In short: Indiana Jones is back in business, Tom Cruise begins the end of his impossible missions, Chris Nolan promises a cerebral Armageddon while Greta Gerwig sharpens the stiletto heels of her Barbie.
It doesn’t seem like much, but everyone is preparing for the fight, and there will be a fight. Who will have the most screens? Who will have the best exposure? And above all, who will come out of this Mexican standoff alive? We don’t read crystal balls, and as of this writing, it’s impossible (as Tom would say) to predict anything. But we already know the real winner of these holidays: it’s you, us, the spectators, who finally find a variety of films like in the good old days. Variety is precisely what this issue promises you!
We take this opportunity to wish you a very good summer (cool, in the rooms, for example)…

Gaël Golhen, editor-in-chief

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