Superman: Legacy won't dwell on Clark Kent's childhood

Superman: Legacy won’t dwell on Clark Kent’s childhood

The Kryptonian hero’s early years in Kansas will not be in the film.

Now that David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan have been signed, james Gunn can advance in the production of Superman: Legacy. The director already reveals on social networks that the scenario will not tell the young years of Clark Kent in Smallville. Childhood or adolescence in Kansas, already told many times on the big and the small screen, will not be in this new adaptation, which should start in Metropolis with a thirty-something Clark.

“I think we’ve seen enough of his origins by now!” respond james gunn to one fan before making it clear to another that there will be “no Young Clark” in the movie.

Additionally, the filmmaker gave an update on the current pre-production status of Superman: Legacy. He announces that he is already composing the music: “We’re developing the soundtrack and we’re taking a really unique path…”

First part of the new DCU, Chapter One: Gods and Monsters, Superman: Legacy will start filming in early 2024. Release scheduled for July 11, 2025.

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