Sydney Sweeney approaches a possible sequel to Everything But You, still in excellent company...

Sydney Sweeney approaches a possible sequel to Everything But You, still in excellent company…

The actress returned to romance rumors with her playing partner, Glen Powell.

In an exclusive interview for GQ, Sydney Sweeney addressed his last pious incarnation in Immaculate, where she plays Cecilia, a resident of a troubled Italian church. After a path strewn with pitfalls, the horror film Immaculate is the first feature film produced by the company of the main interested party, named Fifty Filmswhich it set up in 2020 to have a (financial) foothold in the industry. Michael Mohan the director of the horrific ecclesiastical ode, aborted the idea of ​​an Irish schoolgirl for the idea of ​​a Roman convent:

You see the character starts off as this humble and pious woman. At the end of the film, she transforms into this wild creature covered in blood from head to toe, screaming her guts out“, analysis Sydney Sweeney.

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However, it is not this film which caused the most stir in the young career of the starlet ofEuphoria… There fanbase of the interpreter of Cassie Howard has continued to suspect a romance between the young woman and her partner on set Everything except you, Glen Powell.

It must be said that the duo likes to fuel the flame of rumors. During the Saturday Night Live that she animated, Sydney Sweeney And Glen Powell got involved in the game: when the host of the evening (Sydneytherefore) asks the cameraman to show his fiancé, the lens turns towards Glen Powell.

In reality, the actress is indeed engaged, but not to him. His companion, Jonathan Davinowas also present on the set of Everything except youwhile rumors suggested that Sydney Sweeney committed infidelity… Which made the actress react more seriously.

You can't control the media, and I think that's what I meant in my monologue, she explains. People will write what they want to write and say what they want to say, but there is no research or truth behind it. It's just people writing putaclic titles.

With a budget of 25 million dollars, Everything except you surpassed $214 million at the worldwide box office and at the same time managed to revive the romantic comedy genre. More than two months after its release, the public seems to maintain their interest in the film.

It's a dream to see how big it has become and how much it has resonated with people“, said Sydney Sweeney. She attributes her success to audiences recognizing the fun she had on set, with improvised scenes like the wet scene from Titanic.

It seems that a sequel will be “possibly” under construction, but the secret remains well kept for the moment.

We threw around a bunch of different ideassaid Sydney Sweeney, We just want to make sure that everything we do gives the audience what they want while still being original and thought-provoking.

Sydney Sweeney went from a romantic comedy to a superhero blockbuster, Madame Web, and now to an independent horror film. Although its box office success is undoubted, Everything except you shines by the division it inspires, between bad reviews, and the enthusiasm signified by attendance in theaters.

You make films for critics and you make films for the publicsaid Sydney Sweeney. I think our audience deserves to have films for them that make them dance, sing and feel good.”

Immaculate will be released in theaters on March 20, 2024. Here is the trailer:

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