Ten months after his accident, Jeremy Renner runs again: “I cried with joy”

Ten months after his accident, Jeremy Renner runs again: “I cried with joy”

The actor recounts with emotion his convalescence and the physical challenges that he finally manages to overcome.

After his serious accident in January 2023, Jeremy Renner shows all his gratitude in a post Instagram, more than encouraging regarding his physical form. In the video, the actor performs delicate exercises for a man who almost lost his leg. His fans do not fail to highlight the prowess of this training in the comments.

“Today marks my 10th month of recovery… First attempt at this type of activity (especially at a high level), I cried with joy, hope and gratitude for all the support you give me , you, my family and my friends. I will continue to not give up, you are my fuel.”, comments the actor in description.

Remember, the accident caused an earthquake for fans ofAvengers. “It was panic”had notably confided Chris Hemsworth has GQ. On January 2, 2023, Jeremy Renner was between life and death after having his leg crushed by a snowplow. After weeks of hospitalization in intensive care, the stunt actor gradually recovered from his 30 fractures.

The interpreter of Hawkeye has always wanted to reassure his community, particularly through videos and messages he sends to all those who are worried about him. The latter also made his first public appearance on the set of Jimmy Kimmel. Even though he arrived limping, leaning on his cane, Jeremy Renner did not fail to wear his most beautiful smile, considering himself lucky with the outcome of this accident: “I was lucky in many ways. I’m glad to be here”.

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