The 10 actors who played Jacques Chirac before Michel Vuillermoz in Bernadette

The 10 actors who played Jacques Chirac before Michel Vuillermoz in Bernadette

We remember Bernard Le Coq, but Thierry Lhermitte, Arnaud Ducret and Grégori Derangère also played the former President of the Republic.

Died in 2019, at the age of 86, Jacques Chirac has marked French political life for nearly half a century, and its often tumultuous journey has repeatedly inspired the big and small screens. Bernadette, the film by Léa Domenach, pays tribute to his widow, aged 90. And at his side, we find Michel Vuillermoz in a supporting role, in the shoes of the former President of the Republic. Before him, there are around ten who have already embodied Jacques Chirac on the screen. Workforce review.

Michel Ruhl in The predatorsby Lucas Belvaux (2007)

The two-part TV film, broadcast by Canal +, was by Lucas Belvaux. He returned in detail to the famous Elf affair, which shook the highest levels of the State. And it’s Michael Ruhlfamous voice actor, who played President Chirac.

Charles Fathy in W.: The Unlikely Presidentfilm by Oliver Stone (2008)

We only hear his voice in the film dedicated to the 43rd President of the United States, his troubled past and his eight-year presidency at the White House, marked by the invasion of Iraq.

Arnaud Ducret in Farewell de Gaulle, farewellby Laurent Herbiet (2008),

A TV film broadcast on Canal+, which tells the story of May 68 from the point of view of the Gaullist power, with the young Arnaud Ducret in the shoes of Jacques Chirac, then Secretary of State for Social Affairs in the Pompidou government.

Samuel Labarthe in Death of a presidentby Pierre Aknine (2011)

This time it is Samuel Labarthenot yet a star Little Murders by Agatha Christiewho plays a Chirac from the 70’s, during the last years of the life and mandate of Georges Pompidou, in this TV film directed by Pierre Aknine for France 3. The future Mayor of Paris is still simply a young Minister of Agriculture, who will suffer greatly from the disappearance of his mentor.

Thierry Lhermitte in The Gordji Affairby Guillaume Nicloux (2011)

New TV film for Canal +, this time by Guillaume Nicloux. The story takes us back to 1987, during the first cohabitation with François Mitterrand. Faced with Michel Duchaussoy, it’s Thierry Lhermitte who plays Jacques Chirac.

Marc Rioufol in The Special Relationshipby Richard Loncraine (2011)

This film produced by HBO and the BBC looked at the relations between American President Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair. They were played by Dennis Quaid and Michael Sheen. In the middle, the actor Marc Rioufolwho died just after the broadcast, played the French president.

Bernard Le Coq in The conquestby Xavier Durringer (2011) and The Last Campaignby Bernard Stora (2013)

Xavier Durringer’s film talks about the rise to power of Nicolas Sarkozy (played by Denis Podalydès), then President in office, until his election in 2007. Obviously, he crosses paths with Chirac played by Bernard Le Coq. The actor ofA Wonderful Familywho shares a certain resemblance with the politician, will play the Head of State a second time in the 2013 TV film, this time, to Thierry Frémont / Sarkozy.

Grégori Derangère in Breaking, by Laurent Heynemann (2013)

A TV film by Laurent Heynemann, for France 3, which notably traces the conflicting relations between Valéry Giscard d’Estaing (Hippolyte Girardot) and his Prime Minister Chirac, played by Gregori Derangere.

Michaël Cohen in La Law, the fight of one woman for all women, by Christian Faure (2014)

Emmanuelle Devos plays Simone Veil in this TV film for France 2, which retraces the four days of debates preceding the vote on the Veil law, in the 1970s. We find a young Jacques Chirac, Prime Minister, played by Michael Cohen of Brothel.

François Jérosme in Tomorrows that singby Nicolas Castro (2014)

An epic which retraces 20 years of social life in France, between 1980 and 2000, linked to politics, with Pio Marmaï and Laetitia Casta. We obviously come across the figure of the former President, even if it is brief.

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