The Afterparty: a season 3 in sight?

The Afterparty: a season 3 in sight?

The producers, Lord and Miller, do not want to end the story of Zoé and Aniq there.

We finally know who the murderer is… Season 2 of The Afterparty has just completed its murder mystery on Apple TV+ (and also on Canal+ in France). Sam and Tanner carried the investigation through to the end. And now ? Spoiler alert!

In the final moments, Zoé and Aniq got engaged while the former inspector put together a film recounting the events of season 1. This finale of season 2 had the false air of the end of the series. But not necessarily, according to Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the producers behind the crime comedy. According to them, a season 3 The Afterparty is planned :

“We really want to do a season 3, not only because we have a lot of good ideas, but also because it would mean that the studios have acceded to our demands, that the strike is over and that the writers are paid what they are. must. Only then can we get back to work.” they say in Variety.

And Chris Miller concludes with mischief: “We discreetly added in the script of the artificial intelligence which writes the series that there will be a season 3 of The Afterparty…”

The fact remains that, if it were to be confirmed, it will not be on our screens for a little while.

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