Kery James is back in Suburbs 2 (trailer)

Kery James is back in Suburbs 2 (trailer)

After music, cinema is his new means of expression.

Kery James, activist rapper since his first steps in music, returns in front of and behind the camera in Commuters 2. He is accompanied by Leila Sy to realization, as promised by Netflix last July.

The three Traoré brothers have grown and evolved since the first part: Soulaymaan (Jammeh Diangana) has become a lawyer and is drowning in paperwork, he is frustrated and wants to act by defending clients; Demba (Kery James) left drug trafficking and illegality by founding his construction company, while their little brother Noukoumé (Bakary Diombera) still seems to be finding his way between the street and studies. Unfortunately for the siblings, old resentments and enemies will resurface to try to divert them from the right path.

The trailer has just dropped, and it begins by briefly introducing us to the current state of the three characters before plunging us into the chaos to come. The rapper Kofs (who also makes an appearance in North Bac) plays a former adversary of Demba and a potential threat to his newly stable life.

The situation of the suburbs, precariousness and delinquency are the favorite subjects of Kery James who has never stopped campaigning with his weapons which are music, cinema but also theater (with his play In camera). On his side Leila Sy built his career by directing the overwhelming majority of the rapper’s music videos. She also co-directed yo mama in 2023. Commuters 2 will be available on Netflix on September 27, 2023.

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