The Afterparty, season 2: "We're having so much fun filming this"

The Afterparty, season 2: “We’re having so much fun filming this”

Sam Richardson and Zoë Chao bring us Lord and Miller’s new Murder Mystery investigation, launching today on Apple TV+.

Two years after Xavier was murdered during a high school reunion party, The Afterparty returns today for its second season on Apple TV+. A new murder, a new setting, new suspects and new stylish episodes. Sam Richardson And Zoe Chao are back in the shoes of Zoe and Aniq, who will lead the investigation to try to discover the truth, the whole truth. But who is the killer?

“I almost told you! You almost had me!” laugh Sam Richardson, whom Première was able to meet recently. “I get asked this question quite often, and every time I answer the same thing: you don’t really want to know…” For his playmate, Zoe Chaothe problem is different:Even after replaying this scenario over and over again, I confess that I still forget who the killer is! It was the same for season 1. When I am asked who the killer is, I have a few blank seconds before it comes back to me. Because all the characters have motives in truth, so it really can be any one of them!”

In season 2 of The Afterparty, Edgar will be the victim. Wealthy son of a good family and tech entrepreneur, he has just married Grace, Zoe’s sister. Her lifeless body is found the day after the wedding and (almost) all the guests at the ceremony are potential culprits. From the not very clear widow to the not very loving mother, passing through the cheated partner or the neglected little sister, many are those who could have wanted to kill poor Edgar. “We know from the start who did it.”revealed Sam Richardson. “It’s all in the script. Because for us, as an actor, it informs our performances to know where each person’s story is going. It strengthens our characters. It allows to insist on certain aspects to make them more or less suspicious. That’s also what’s cool for us, exploring different behaviors, fluctuating more or less towards innocence…”

At first glance, Zoe and Aniq are not among the suspects this time. After being at the center of Detective Danner’s investigation (Tiffany Haddish) in season 1, this time they are on the other side of the fence. They are the ones who lead the investigations, as a couple! “We hoped they would end up together in season 1 and now we can finally see them as a couple. We see how it works between them. They are partners now“, details Zoe Chao. “Zoe becomes a bit Miss Marple, she has to roll up her sleeves to investigate and try to clear her family who find themselves on the front line.”

The treasure hunt to (re)start. Between false leads and pretense, this Muder Party is still just as exhilarating, juggling with clues and genres, from episode to episode. “We’re having so much fun filming this.”confess Sam Richardson. “It’s fantastic to go through all the genres like that. It’s like a joyful game in which we would have the chance to participate. The episode à la Wes Anderson, aroundAnna Konkle, was great to shoot. The episode of Ken Jeongin found footage mode, is also frankly brilliant!Zoe Chaoshe has “Loved doing the Jane Austen-style Victorian episode, because you could wear lavish wigs and costumes.“A pure pleasure.

The Afterparty, season 2, in 10 episodes, to see from July 12 on Apple TV + and also in France for Canal + subscribers.

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