The Curse or Emma Stone's new (real estate) adventure (trailer)

The Curse: could the series with Emma Stone have a sequel?

Nathan Fielder leaves the door open for a season 2.

It was one of the TV UFOs of the year 2023 and also one of the best series of recent months. Yet, The Curse doesn't have a season 2 in sight… even if Nathan Fielder And Emma Stone say they are ready to get back on track.

“The team is doing other things at the moment… but there could definitely be another season one day. From the beginning, we had everything planned beyond season 1” explains the creator Nathan Fielder in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. Emma Stone valid : “We could do it!

However, Nathan Fielder confides that he does not want to spoil what he managed to achieve with The Cursewhich concludes with a completely crazy aerial finale, disconcerting to say the least:

“Benny Safdie and I really wanted to create something that would engage people, that would generate discussion. There is a type of TV that allows you to sit on the couch and spend half the time on your phone while watching TV. corner of my eye. It's good. I watch this TV too. But we wanted to try to create something that you have to be involved in to understand and feel things, because. that this story could potentially continue one day, so I don't want to say too much.”

For the moment, no season 2 of The Curse is not planned. Season 1 of The Curse is visible in France on Paramount Plus.

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