The friendship between Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac was damaged by Scenes of a Marriage

The friendship between Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac was damaged by Scenes of a Marriage

“The reality is that our friendship has never been the same,” confides the actress, two years after an emotionally intense shoot.

In 2021, the remake of Scenes from Married Life by Ingmar Bergman for HBO shined Jessica Chastain And Oscar Isaac. The duo had delivered a remarkable performance, on edge, marked by sequences of river dialogues and scenes of unspeakable psychological brutality. A grueling shoot for the duo who had known each other for a long time, since their student days. Jessica Chastain And Oscar Isaac are really close in life and they confided in us with a smile at the time: “We sacrificed our friendship for this series! From the first days of rehearsals, when reading the script, I told Oscar that it was going to be complicated to remain friends after that”.

Jessica Chastain didn’t believe so well. Today, the actress tells Vanity Fair that that longtime friendship isn’t the same:

Scenes From a Marriage was very difficult to shoot. I love Oscar (Isaac), but the reality is our friendship was never the same. I think we’ll get through this, but I needed a little respite from this shoot. There were so many “I love you, I hate you” in this series, that we both had to distance ourselves”.

An intense emotional pressure that does not regret Jessica Chastainwhich recognizes “to also feel a lot of joy in this job. I feel like I have the best job in the world because I am lucky to have these experiences. Experiences that are totally surreal, but I have this feeling that they happened to me. When in fact, personally, I have a very quiet life. I don’t need to have these tortured things in my life. I just play them and experience them, and then I come home and live quietly and peacefully.”

Oscar Isaac had been nominated for an Emmy Award for his performance in Scenes From a Marriagewhile the two performers had been cited for the Golden Globes.

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