The Incredibles 2: Why the Incredibles haven't aged

The Incredibles 2: Why the Incredibles haven’t aged

Director Brad Bird explains his decision to reunite with the superhero family just after the end of the first film for a sequel released in theaters 14 years later.

The Incredibles 2released in cinemas in the summer of 2018, will return this evening on M6. First recommend this Pixar full of action.

When it was released, we published the words of its screenwriter and director, Brad Birdwho explained to ScreenRant why this sequel restarted only a few seconds after the end of the story of Incredibleseven though 14 years passed between their respective releases. By learning that The Incredibles were going to return, some spectators had indeed hoped to see Jack-Jack – then a baby – be shown during his adolescence. This is not the case, and here is why.

“We always expect men to be strong, so I made Bob with his super strength, he justified. Mothers are always running around, and for that I imagined an elastic Helen. Teenagers are always on the defensive and never feel safe, which is why Violet has the power to generate a force field around herself and become invisible. 10 year olds are real balls of energy and babies are the great mysteries of this world. Maybe they have powers, maybe they don’t – we don’t know. That’s what Jack-Jack was; he was the most normal person in the family and then at the end of Incredibles, we discover that it is a Swiss army knife of powers. And that’s when I tell myself that babies have incredible learning abilities. So all that changes if you age the characters, because certain characteristics evolve with age, and I don’t want to see a Jack-Jack who goes to college, because that doesn’t interest me.”

An explanation that makes sense and deserves to be clear.

Here is the trailer for Incredibles 2 :

Brad Bird explains why he “didn’t want to do The Incredibles 2 right after the first one”

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