The Oppenheimer cast goes on strike in the middle of the World Premiere!

The Oppenheimer cast goes on strike in the middle of the World Premiere!

Matt Damon and the cast of Christopher Nolan walked off the red carpet ahead of the film’s screening, in solidarity with the actors’ union movement, launched right at the film’s London premiere last night.

It was 7 p.m. last night in London when the impressive cast ofOppenheimer walked the film’s hyper-glamorous red carpet. Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Christopher Nolan, Robert Downey Jr., Florence Pugh, Rami Malek… They were all there, or almost, for the great world premiere of the great historical fresco, which will be released on July 19 in France in theaters.

At the same time, 12,000 kilometers away, in Hollywood, SAG-AFTRA, the union of American actors, officially declared a general strike, following the failure of negotiations with the studios. For all actors who are members of SAG-AFTRA (basically everyone who works in Hollywood), it is now forbidden to work. To play, of course, but also to promote, red carpets etc. The conflict had been simmering for weeks and Matt Damon and his comrades fromOppenheimer knew, before setting foot on this carpet, that the walkout risked being announced in full Premiere of the film! “We talked about it among ourselves”, he confided last night to Variety. “Listen, if the call for a strike is launched now, everyone will leave, obviously in solidarity… Once the strike is officially called, we will leave! That’s why we rolled out the red carpet: we know the second the call goes, we’ll be coming home.

And so that’s what happened. The union officially launched the strike amid London hypeOppenheimer. So the cast finished their glamorous photos and turned on their heels, joining the movement! Christopher Nolan confirms to Variety that its cast left the big night, quietly slipping away from Leicester Square just before the start of the screening ofOppenheimer.

“There are a lot of people here whom we don’t want to disappoint, but we also stand in total solidarity with our colleagues and what they are doing. I know they worked diligently to reach an agreement, for a while critical of our industry. It is important that we are ready to stand side by side with them as the situation evolves.” finally summed up Kenneth Branagh.

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