The Penguin will be an “incredibly violent” series, teases Colin Farrell

The Penguin will be an “incredibly violent” series, teases Colin Farrell

The actor details the atmosphere of his show derived from The Batman.

If Batman is always as dark as black outfits (or very dark gray), the same goes for his enemy The Penguin, suggests Colin Farrell. Interviewed by MovieZine on the occasion of the release of his investigative series Sugarthe Irish comedian did not cite The Great Lego Adventure as a reference for this show derived from The Batmanbut he confirmed an essential point of the show: it will be “dark”. “Very dark”.

Not really knowing how much he can reveal without spoiling his plot in detail, he ends up saying this, but watch out for spoilers if you haven't seen Matt Reeves' blockbuster:

“It's dark. Really heavy. Very violent. That's not to say I didn't have fun, the filming was great. But it's an incredibly violent show. It's about a man's rise to power. , who is trying to achieve what he always dreamed of, which is power, important social status. You know, the death of Carmine Falcone at the end of the film left a void in Gotham, and there is all these people trying to reclaim a piece of his power. Oswald is one of them, we follow him trying to climb, to overcome all these incredible obstacles. It's really super dark, very twisted.”

This interview comes at a time when Max has just revealed the teaser of this series dedicated to the Penguin. Composed of 8 episodes, it is partly directed by Craig Zobel (The Hunt in 2020), and it is planned for this fall on the platform. Until then, Max will be available in France : this streaming service will be launched in July 2024 here.

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