The big SF series at the start of 2024 is The Three-Body Problem: trailer

The Three-Body Problem and “the choices to make” for season 2

Weiss and Benioff, the two creators, explain how they have been working for several months on the adaptation of Liu Cixin's second book.

We are still waiting for the official renewal of Netflix's great SF series, The Three-Body Problem. The creators, Weiss and Benioff, still seem convinced that season 2 will take place. They explained, during a meeting organized by Deadline, their approach, knowing that Liu Cixin's literary saga has three volumes, and that the sequel therefore has something very natural, even if…

“The story gets really crazy, in the best possible way, in book two. With something this crazy, there are a lot of choices to make and a lot to figure out. You can't put it all verbatim “We worked together recently, especially in the last few months, to decide what options we were going to take for this season 2.”

Or the difficulty of such a complicated adaptation, which relies so much on scientific concepts that are not easy to stage: “You don't want people to take a break and check Wikipedia every five minutes“the two creators are having fun.”You could do a very scientifically meticulous version, but that would risk taking viewers out of the show. In the book, Liu Cixin explains all this in writing, it lends itself more naturally. For us, it’s a challenge and that’s also what attracted us to this adaptation.”

Season 1 of Three-Body Problem was released last March and is still available on Netflix.

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