The Nice Guys Didn't Get a Sequel Because of Angry Birds, Ryan Gosling Explains

“This little bastard always manages to get me”: Why Russell Crowe adores Ryan Gosling

Ken’s interpreter made him laugh a lot on the set of The Nice Guys.

Interviewed by GQ to talk about music, Russell Crowe quickly branched off towards his best experiences as an actor. During a long interview entitled “Russell Crowe has a song about it”the actor who recently celebrated his 60th birthday talks about his busy career, his collaborations with Ridley Scott, his physical injuries…

He confirms in passing, with humor, that he deserves his reputation for always being 100% immersed in his roles, impossible to lose concentration when he has slipped into a character. Except when he has to team up with Ryan Gosling. With him, it’s impossible to stay serious. Each time, the shell cracks. Hence many giggles while preparing The Nice Guysby Shane Black.

“People love this movie, it’s crazy, says Crowe. I loved shooting it myself. And Ryan Gosling, Jesus! So try working with this kid. I’m famous for never going out of character, Ridley made fun of me a lot about that. The Coliseum could collapse all around me (on the set of Gladiatoreditor’s note), I stayed focused on doing my thing (laughs). There is this thing, the ‘body’, when we laugh at the wrong time, uncontrollably. This little bastard always manages to get me!”

Ryan Gosling has the time of his life in The Nice Guys (review)

Released in 2016 in cinemas, The Nice Guys didn’t do well enough at the box office to get a sequel (because of Angry Birds, according to Gosling), but buddy movie indeed has many fans who would hope to see a #2. To start with Emily Blunt, hilarious during the promotion of The Fall Guy remembering a scene from his playing partner:

Finally, here’s a good example of Russell Crowe trying to keep a straight face with Ryan Gosling. In 2016, the duo agreed to do a sketch as part of the Australian Oscars. Faced with a partner who was completely off the mark, who confused this country with New Zealand and thought that his friend had received a prize there, when he was simply responsible for announcing the nominees, Crowe initially remained perfectly stoic. But in less than a minute, he “crack” live, unable to hold back from laughing at Gosling’s nonsense:

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