Tim Burton had an idea for a spin-off for Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman

Tim Burton had an idea for a spin-off for Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman

The screenwriter of Batman: The Challenge has revealed several crazy concepts featuring the superheroine.

On the occasion of a screening of Batman: The Challenge in Los Angeles, the screenwriter of the film Daniel Waters revealed to fans the ideas that Tim Burton and himself were reserving for a potential spin-off dedicated to the character of Catwoman. His words are relayed by IndieWire.

The famous feline anti-heroine, made cult by the interpretation that Michelle Pfeifferonly had one solo film in 2004. And he has a rather bad reputation despite the presence ofHalle Berry in the role of the cat woman. After this fiasco, the character will only be a supporting role, played by Anne Hathaway In The Dark Knight Rises And Zoë Kravitz In The Batman.

However, the screenwriter and the filmmaker had two interesting ideas in the early 1990s to develop a spin-off. But they were divergent, and Tim Burton subsequently made it known that he had preferred to leave the superheroic adventure to devote himself to projects that were more close to his heart, and which were not just a pretext. “McDo toys for sale”.

In his great Gothicity, he dreamed of a “$18 million black and white film, in the style of The Felinewhere Selina would live hidden in a small town” explains Waters. Tim Burton wanted to be inspired by the fantastic masterpiece of Jacques Tourneur, The Felinemade in 1942, in which a mysterious woman is struck by a curse.

For his part, Daniel Waters explains that he wanted to make “The Boys Before The Boys”: “I wanted to write a Batman movie where the metaphor is about Batman. I wanted her (Catwoman) to move in a version ‘Los Angeles’ of Gotham City which would be run by three asshole superheroes.” Indeed, that’s pretty much the pitch of The Boys, with a few details. Unfortunately, Daniel Waters tells that Tim Burtongot exhausted reading the script.

In addition, the screenwriter recounts the criticism he received upon the release of Batman: The Challenge because of the liberties taken with the origins of Catwoman and the Penguin, at a time when a Batman film was not released every two years: “We were attacked by Batman fans because they thought: ‘It’s only the second film Batman, What is this mess ? You’re already taking liberties.’ Whereas today there must be 50 films Batman and they say to themselves ‘It’s quite interesting’…”

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Matt Reevesthe director of The Batman is preparing the sequel to its version of the Dark Knight, as well as a spin-off series on the Penguin of Colin Farrell and a series about Arkham Asylum, an important location in the Batman universe. But before these projects, we will find our worst enemy in Joker: Folie à deuxOctober 2, 2024 at the cinema.

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