Trailer for La Fièvre: the new Canal series that is setting France ablaze

Trailer for La Fièvre: the new Canal series that is setting France ablaze

The Baron Noir team has created a hot new social column.

It all started on a whim, during the UNFP Trophies evening. The star of the Paris football team smashes his coach in front of the cameras and the whole country is set ablaze in Fever, a social chronicle with football accents, for which we discover the exciting trailer below. A new original Canal + creation, which aims to show the power of the media machine, from social networks to debate shows, like a photograph of our time, ready to burst into flames at the slightest spark.

Behind Feverwe find the co-creator of Black Baron, Eric Benzekrias well as its director Ziad Doueiri.

In the casting, we will see the confrontation between two “spin-doctors” who preach for appeasement (Nina Meurisse) or conflagration (Ana Girardot) while Benjamin Biolay will be the boss of the football club overwhelmed by events.

The synopsis: “As at the end of every season, the big family of French football celebrates its heroes: smiles, selfies, awards – it's the evening of the UNFP Trophies. Everything changes when in front of the cameras, Fodé Thiam, the Racing star, delivers a violent headbutt to his coach and calls him a “dirty toubab”. “Toubab” means “white” in Wolof. Shock: the media storm can begin. Called to the club's bedside, Sam Berger, a talented but devoured communicator through her hypersensitivity, sense that this time the crisis will not be swept away by a new, more “salesy” scandal. From the stage of her always sold-out theater, Marie Kinsky exploits the event by fueling the identity and social divisions that are cracking the country. Sam fears Marie all the more because they have been very close… The two women “spin doctors” will engage in a merciless and merciless battle to guide public opinion disfigured by the power of social networks and their culture of clash At the heart of this fight, the destiny of a great player, and with him that of France. Because this fever is above all ours.”

Fever will be available from March 18 on Canal Plus.

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