Vincent Moscato facing young Super-drunk (teaser)

Vincent Moscato facing young Super-drunk (teaser)

Bastien Milheau’s first feature film will obviously be a boozy comedy…

A few days before summer vacation, somewhere in the middle of the French countryside. This is what introduces the first feature film of Bastien Milheau, Super-stuffed. And the evocative title announces the color… that of the southwest and its western landscapes with, as a bonus, the singsong accent of Francis Cabrel who signs the soundtrack. And above all, well-watered family celebrations.

For his first film on familiar ground, Bastien Milheau (who himself grew up in the middle of the fields) was in any case amused by this cliché:

“The bottles without labels that were in my grandparents’ house! They seemed mysterious to me, and, of course, we weren’t allowed to drink them when we were little (…). I told myself that it was a good story to tell about a coming-of-age ritual”he says as he recalls the childhood memories that inspired the film.

It is with this idea of ​​transmission that he imagined Janus, the good friend in whom we confide, a young high school student dreaming of emancipation far from his native countryside. “ravaged by isolation and alcoholism”. He and his sidekick, Sam, will soon discover the secret hiding place, an artisanal distillery hidden in the cellar of his grandfather (played by the politician Jean Lassale, who lent himself to the game). The perfect opportunity to show off with friends at the end of the year party…

Bastien Milheau here transposes the codes of the initiatory adolescent narrative into the rural setting. He who was inspired by American teen movies, The crazy daye (Ferris Bueller) at lady bird (Greta Gerwig), features this cheeky teen duo (“Bunch of little idiots!”they call themselves in the first excerpt), like Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.

A comedy “mop and adventure” carried by two young actors (Pierre Gommé, seen in particular in The deer, and the revelation Nina Poletto) whose alchemy operated from the casting, and who risk giving a lot of trouble to those around them. On screen, we will also find Barbara Schulz, Vincent Moscato and Jason Chicandier.

Super-stuffed will be released in theaters August 30, 2023 At the movie theater.

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