WandaVision's VFX Manager Was Working 16 Hours A Day Before Quitting

WandaVision’s VFX Manager Was Working 16 Hours A Day Before Quitting

“It was living at work”, explains Mark Patch, who only stayed eight days in this position.

Marvel’s special effects teams have been denouncing their working conditions at the studio for quite some time now. The testimonies describing extended hours and a strong precariousness have multiplied since the beginning of the month. In particular, there is that of Mark Patchwho served as VFX lead on Wanda Vision… for eight days.

The pace of work was so intense on the series worn by Elizabeth Olsen And Paul Bettany, that he promptly resigned. The former head of visual effects described at RollingStone long 16-hour days, often without a lunch break. “It was living at work. From the second you wake up in the morning, until midnight”he summarizes to the American media.

This Monday, at Disney, the VFX teams expressed their desire to unionize at 80%. A historic decision, since the sector has remained non-unionized since its boom in the 70s and 80s.

“Disney’s brave visual effects workers have overcome their fear and the silence they have maintained, which has kept our community from speaking out for decades. With an overwhelming majority within the teams demanding an end to VFX as we’ve always known it, it’s a clear sign that our demands are not limited to one studio. These are workers from across the industry”, said Mark Patch on Monday.

The latter was already instigating the filing of a petition at the beginning of the month, so that he and his colleagues are represented by the IATSE (the International Alliance of Theater Employees) – an entity which represents and protects workers in sectors such as artisans, technicians and artisans in general in the cinema, television and theatre. It was the first time visual effects professionals had come together to demand wage protections, equal rights, and fair treatment with other industries.

While the strike of screenwriters (WGA) and actors (SAG-AFTRA) has frozen Hollywood since May, they could well join the movement in turn.

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