Watch the first ten minutes of Dune 2

Watch the first ten minutes of Dune 2

Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya have the fate of Arrakis in their hands under the gaze of Florence Pugh.

It’s THE biggest hit of 2024. For now. Worldwide, it exceeds 600 million dollars in revenue. In the United States, it accumulates more than 270 million. After conquering the dark rooms, Dune: Part 2 of Denis Villeneuve arrived this week on American VOD platforms. On this occasion, the company Fandango Media shared the first ten minutes of the film on social networks.

“The power over spice is the power over all things.” In this extract opening with flames and death, the voice of Florence Pugh (Midsommar, Black Widow) who plays Princess Irulan, tells the story of the war on Arrakis and the end of the Atreides family, brutally killed by their lifelong enemies: the Harkonnens. Daughter of the emperor, her presence on screen is the opportunity to discover the legendary Christopher Walken (Journey to the End of Hell, Sleepy Hollow…) and to take stock of everything that may have happened in the previous opus.

Change of scenery. Under an ultra-orange filter, Paul Atréides (Timothée Chalamet) has adopted Fremen customs – the desert people with whom he survives. Alongside Chani (Zendaya) and Stilgar (Javier Bardem), the trap is set against the Harkonnens mercenaries. The hammerer regularly strikes the sand and in the beauty of Dune crystallizes into a now cult plan: like shadows, the soldiers levitate, defying the laws of gravity to climb the immense rock. A superb introduction that we replay again and again.

On the sand planet, war between the Fremen and the Harkonnens is declared. Paul Atreides embraces a dark destiny where he reveals himself to be a dangerous figure, the chosen one of an old prophecy sown by the powerful Bene Gesserit. Through the liberation of a people, it is a personal revenge that he carries out, closely monitored by his mother Lady Jessica (Rebbeca Ferguson) who weaves his web.

If Dune: Part 2 brought life back to Dune by David Lynch, he surpasses him with a grandiose and aesthetic staging. And it's not just the casting that's five stars, the review is too. HAS Firstwe consider the second part of Denis Villeneuve, as a “huge piece of cinema thought out and invested in, super exciting, a film truly driven by a vision.”

Released in France on February 28, Dune: Part 2 is a resounding success. It has more than four million entries. It thus exceeds its little brother by 800,000 entries, Dune 1which was already the director's biggest success in France.

Due to the French media timeline, you have to wait six months after its release for the film to be available on Canal +. For VOD on the other hand, Dune: Part 2 should be available in June 2024.

Denis Villeneuve will only make Dune 3 “if it is better than the second part”

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