Watchmen will be back... in a new animated film!

Watchmen will be back… in a new animated film!

DC is preparing a new version of Alan Moore’s comics. And also a great Crisis on Infinite Earths animated movie.

The box of Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse gave ideas to Warner Bros. and DC? The studio announced this weekend, during Comic-Con, the start of a major animated film watch menadapted from the work of Alan Moore released almost 40 years ago.

This will be the third adaptation of the comics, after Zack Snyder’s film (2009) and the series watch men by Damon Lindelof released on HBO in 2019. Two great successes, which are benchmarks in the field and which have set the bar high for this new version, this time animated and possibly more faithful to the original comics. Even if, as usual, Alan Moore should not be there!

We don’t know much about the movie watch men in question, except that it will be – a priori – R-Rated and that it is planned – for the moment – ​​for a cinema release in 2024.

In addition to watch menDC is preparing an animated film Crisis on Infinite Earths. A great classic of comics and a story already told in recent years on television in a great crossover of the ArrowVerse. Bringing together Flash, Superman and many others, Crisis on Infinite Earths tells how a cosmic entity known as the Anti-Monitor seeks to destroy all the universes of the multiverse, forcing the heroes of many worlds to come together… Release also announced for 2024.

Remember that Warner Bros. already adapts The Lord of the Rings into a great animated film. It will already be in 2024, on April 12, at the cinema!

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