What is Continental?  John Wick Producers Explain the Hotel's Origins

What is Continental? John Wick Producers Explain the Hotel’s Origins

“There’s something of a child’s game about it. We’re almost in a cat’s-eye!” laugh those who have been behind the saga from the start.

“We wanted to explore it even more, to delve deeper into its mechanisms of how it works.” From its introduction in the first part to its central place in Parabellum, the hotel of John Wick generates a certain fascination that the producers decided to feed with The Continental, the new Prime Video series launched this Friday, September 22. An event in three 90-minute episodes, the ambition of which will be to tell the story of the youth of Winston Scott, future manager of the place, but also to explain in more depth the mythology of the Great Table in the background of the saga John Wick.

What is the Great Table in the background of John Wick ?

In our minds, the organization behind the Continental has existed for centuries“, decipher the executive producers Basil Iwanyk And Erica Leewho also produced the films John Wick. They further specify: “One of the reasons we moved the action to Rome (in John Wick 2) or the Middle East (in John Wick 4) was to support this idea that the Great Table and its rules have existed since centuries.”

The producers of The Continental tell us that they have in mind this idea of ​​an ancestral secret society which goes back “in biblical times. Because there has always been Evil on Earth in fact. There have always been murderers. And they need laws to govern themselves or their world risks collapsing. So these laws have always been there in a way. And they now manifest themselves in the form of a hotel, in today’s era.”

The Continental, instructions for use

The establishment has already been explored in previous films in the saga, but the new series shows us its every nook and cranny, from the laundry to the kitchen, including its bar and various rooms.

“The central idea behind this hotel is that it’s a place of peace for all these people, no matter how unethical, sociopathic or psychopathic they are. It’s a place where they can go in complete peace. security, where we don’t kill. It’s a bit absurd, because all the clients are killers, but the rules are so well established in this community, that it works. In Parabellum, we see that John doesn’t All you have to do is put one foot in the Lobby to be safe. It’s something like child’s play. We’re almost in a cat’s-eye!”

The Continental thus reveals the broad outlines of the mythology that remains at the heart of the franchise despite four feature films. “We actually imagine this series as a gateway to a broader exploration of the universe John Wicktowards the origins of the High Table and all these things that we didn’t really have time to delve into in the films” confirm to us Basil Iwanyk And Erica Lee.

The Continental can be seen every Friday on Prime Video until October 6.

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