What to see in September on Prime Video?

What to see in September on Prime Video?

Among others, Sentinel with Jonathan Cohen arrives on the platform on September 8.

Sentinel – September 8

By Hugo Benamozig and David Caviglioli

New original creation, the film directed by the duo of Terrible Jungle reveals a jonathan cohen half cop, half singer. The actor, on the cover of the latest issue of Firste, slips into the skin of man “known for his muscular methods and his floral shirts” on Reunion Island. Between the release of his new album and a new affair that shakes the island, Sentinelle finds himself overwhelmed. If a wave of crimes generally motivates any agent to fully commit to the investigation, he persists: between the police and the music, he does not want to choose. In the casting, we also find Raphael Quenard, Emmanuelle Bercot, Ramzy Bedia And Gustave Kervern.

John Wick: The Continental (Season 1) – September 22

By Chris Collins, Derek Kolstad and Chad Stahelski

Six months after the release of John Wick 4 in the cinema, this new series returns to the origins of the emblematic hotel for assassins in the saga. The story is seen through the eyes of young Winston Scott (played by Colin Woodell) who would later become the director of the establishment. We also find Mel Gibson in the role of a character named Cormac in this prequel set in the heart of New York in the 70s. Katie McGrath (Supergirl) And Hubert Point-Du Jour complete the cast.

The wheel of time – Season 2

By Rafe Judkins

Rosamund Pike is back in the shoes of Moiraine Damodred, whom the actress promises “more vulnerable” in this second season. With Daniel Henney And Zoe Robins to the casting, this sequel introduces “new and old threats. These dark forces are looking for the young friends of Two Rivers, now scattered across the world. The woman who found and guided them is now powerless and can no longer help them. The group of friends must find other sources of strength: in each of them, or in themselves, in the light… and in the darkness”, specifies the official synopsis.

Later I will reach for the stars – September 15

By Alejandra Marquez Abella

Based on a true story, this new Prime Video film traces the journey of Jose M. Hernandez, played by Michael Pena (End of Watch, Fury). Born in Mexico in the 1960s, he worked in the fields and began learning English at age 12. Nothing predestined him to create the first digital mammography imaging system to detect breast cancer at an early stage. And yet, he did it, before becoming a crew member of the Space Shuttle Discovery mission STS-128, heading to the International Space Station. Rosa Salazar And Garret Dillahunt are also on display.

Gen V (Season 1) – September 29

By Michele Fazekas, Craig Rosenberg and Tara Butters

The first variation of The Boys arrives on the platform. The series centers on Godolkin University, a prestigious school where superheroes train to become the best of their generation. “Their physical resistance, their hormones and their limits are tested on a daily basis” in this ultra-competitive training. The key: the best contracts in the best cities. The series mainly focuses on Marie Moreau (played by Jaz Sinclair), an 18-year-old superhero who has the ability to control and weaponize her own blood. At his side, we find in particular Chance Perdomo and Lizze Broadway.

And also :


  • Killer Coaster Season 1 (Original) – September 15
  • Wilderness Season 1 – September 15
  • The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 – September 15


  • Ben Hur – September 1st
  • Unscrupulous cops – September 1st
  • The great outdoors – September 1st
  • Nerdy TV – September 1st
  • Body – September 1st
  • Bad times for a cop – September 1st
  • Hate – September 1st
  • The school of heroes – September 1st
  • Before you – September 1st
  • All the way to college – September 1st
  • One Way – September 1st
  • Behind the scenes of the exploit – September 1st
  • Blown away – September 1st
  • When Harry met Sally – September 1st
  • Paths of Glory – September 1st
  • Flawless – September 1st
  • The river of death – September 1st
  • Remo unarmed and dangerous – September 1st
  • The Party- September 1st
  • One Way – September 1st
  • The school of heroes -September 1st
  • Blown away – September 1st
  • Back to school – September 1st
  • Our cake-bar evenings – September 8
  • Huge – September 8
  • cassandro – September 21
  • Wanted – September 28
  • A talent made of solid gold – September 29

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