When Steven Spielberg swore at Premiere that Indiana Jones 3 would be the last film in the saga

When Steven Spielberg swore at Premiere that Indiana Jones 3 would be the last film in the saga

In 1986, the director was sure of himself. And Harrison Ford already felt old.

To wait until the output of the dial of destinyon June 28, M6 continues its Indiana Jones cycle with the broadcast of The Last Crusade. The opportunity to dive back into the magazine’s archives.

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In 1986, we met Steven Spielberg on the occasion of the cinema release of The color purple. The director had agreed to return to his entire career with Jean-Paul Chaillet And Jean-Pierre Lavoignat, and they had taken advantage of this interview to try to pull the worms out of his nose concerning this third part. In particular, he explained his dislike for sequels, which is fun to re-read 37 years later, when Spielberg shot four episodes ofIndianaJonesas well as Jurassic Park 1 And 2. Extracts.

What will this third episode be?
I swore to George secrecy and he forbade me to say anything about it. It’s still on the drawing board and we’re writing the script. The film should be made before the end of 1987. (It was finally released in 1989, editor’s note)

Will the action go like Indiana Jones and the Temple cursed, before that of Raiders of the Lost Ark?
(hesitating) No, it will take place after, in 1938, so closer to the war.

Who will be the heroine? Karen Allen or Kim Catrall?
(still hesitating) We still don’t know. In any case, I like that with each new adventure, the heroine changes.

What will be the title of this third episode?
(increasingly hesitant) It will be Indiana Jones and… You fill in the blanks (laughs)!

In which country will it take place this time?
I can not say anything. If I speak, George will have me stripped of my Directors Guild card (laughs)!


Will this third episode be the last of the series?
The last, yes.

As far as I’m concerned, yes. I don’t know George’s plans, but I know I won’t stage any more.

And Harrison Ford?
He says he’s getting old and soon he’ll need a wheelchair for the chase sequences (laughs).

The Secret History of Raiders of the Lost Ark

During this same interview, Spielberg specified that for him, IndianaJones wasn’t really a saga “in sequence”. He compared these adventure films to James Bond and comics: “It’s more like a new chapter in a continuity. Exactly like when you read a comic you like and you ask for another one in the same series.”

And while rumors swirled around a AND 2Spielberg was formal: “I’m not sure I’m interested in giving (it) a sequel, because I said everything I had to say in the first movie. A sequel would force me to say more than it wouldn’t be about the characters. Then it would just be a business decision.”

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