When will we see X-Men '97 season 2 on Disney Plus?

When will we see X-Men '97 season 2 on Disney Plus?

Marvel's head of streaming, Brad Winderbaum, provides an update on the production already underway.

A few days after the finale of the excellent animated series was posted online X-Men '97on Disney Plus, mutant fans can already be reassured: season 2 has been ordered and already in production.

In an interview with the ComicBook site, Marvel's head of streaming, Brad Winderbaumreveals that season 2 is written and is currently in the animation stage:

“We're still in the animatic phase. Animation takes so long to do. There was a lot of stuff about that in season 2 of Invincible,” semphasizes Winderbaum, in a nod to Prime Video's animated super-series, which explained in a meta episode of its season 2, this year, why we had to wait almost three years to see new episodes. “They were able to talk about it perfectly. It was really great…”

The executive continues and insists: “It takes a long time. Because the studio is waiting for the first season to be successful to greenlight the second season. So there's a lag. We were lucky to get the greenlight quite early. Even before our broadcast, so that there is a little less lag But yes, people will have to be patient with us…”

Implied, season 2 of X-Men '97 will not be released before 2025 or even 2026, on Disney Plus.

We already know that the showrunner Beau DeMayo has since been fired, but on Twitter, the screenwriter claims to have written a good part of the scripts: “I wrote a large portion of Season 2. However, unlike Season 1, I will not be heavily involved in or direct the production, cast recordings, design, editorial, publishing, music , etc., nor will we do any production rewrites regarding the creative vision of the series.”

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