Who is David Corenswet, James Gunn's new Superman?

Who is David Corenswet, James Gunn’s new Superman?

You don’t necessarily know him, but you’ve probably already seen his face…

The news fell on the night of June 27 to 28: James Gunn chose his Clark Kent / Superman and his Loïs Lane for Superman: Legacy. This new feature film will ignore previous films from DC studios, such as wonder woman, batman v supermanTHE Justice League by Zack Snyder and more recently The Flashwith the idea of ​​building a new cinematic universe.

We know who James Gunn’s new Superman and Lois Lane will be!

Rachel Brosnahan will therefore be the new Lois Lane. If she is relatively well known to the general public thanks to her roles in House of Cards And The fabulous Mrs. Maisel, David Corenswetthe new interpreter of Superman, enjoys a more limited popularity, despite several notable appearances in cinema and on television since the mid-2010s.

After a career in the theater during his childhood, this American actor who will celebrate his thirtieth birthday in a few days is spotted in 2016 by Rob Reiner, who hires him for the series The Tap, eventually canceled by USA Network. He subsequently played one of the main roles in the film. Affairs of State in 2018, in which he is a petty politician trying to climb the ladder by any means possible.

He was then seen in several important series, such as We Own This City by David Simon last year. He nevertheless made himself known to the general public thanks to his roles in several series created and produced by Ryan Murphy.

He notably interprets one of the main roles of Hollywood (2020), a vitriolic portrayal of the City of Angels in the years following World War II. There is Jack Castello, a hailed veteran who will try to make a place for himself as an actor in Hollywood. He also made an appearance in another Ryan Murphy series, The Politicianin 2019, in the role of a politician (it’s all in the title!)

Whether Hollywood made noise on Netflix, David Corenswet’s film career has been much more discreet. After filming in a series of independent films never released in French cinemas, he was definitively revealed to the eyes of the general American public thanks to his role as a projectionist in Pearl by Ti West. This prequel to X, in which he will become the center of love interest of the young woman living in a boarding house (Mia Goth) is for the moment unpublished in France. The film had been presented at the Mostra de Venise last year, where it had been applauded for a long time and it will be released on DVD with us on August 16th.

In addition to Superman: LegacyDavid Corenswet will star as a movie star trapped in a futuristic experiment in a new series for FX, The Answers. You can also see it in the movie Twisterscontinuation of Twister from 1996, in June 2024. He will also perform one of the main roles in a series with Natalie Portman, Lady in the Lakealso scheduled for 2024.

Superman: Legacy will be released on July 9, 2025 in French cinemas.

Who is Rachel Brosnahan, James Gunn’s new Lois Lane?

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