Ahsoka, Antigang the next generation, The Bear 2… Films and series to see this summer on Disney Plus

Ahsoka, Antigang the next generation, The Bear 2… Films and series to see this summer on Disney Plus

Everything that will animate the platform during the summer holidays.

The 5 of July

Abbott Elementary – Season 2 – Part 2

The comedy sacred to the Golden Globes continues its school year in the famous public school of Philadelphia. We will find the whole teaching team there who, despite the odds against them, remain determined to help their students find their way in life.

The Nanny – Season 1

Adaptation of the book The Watchful Eye. “Elena Santos, recently hired as a live-in nanny by a wealthy Manhattan family, soon discovers that everyone in the mysterious building she resides in is hiding deadly secrets and their true purpose. However, what they don’t know is that Elena also has her own secrets.”

July 7

A Zone to Defenda film by Romain Cogitore

The first original French film from Disney Plus. An infiltration thriller that hides a great impossible love story between François Civil and Lyna Khoudri. The D’Artagnan and the Constance of Three Musketeers find themselves in this ZAD. “Greg, a DGSI officer, is sent under a false identity to infiltrate a ZAD. There he meets Myriam, an environmental activist. 18 months later, Greg returns there for an official mission, he finds Myriam and discovers that she has a baby. Torn between his professional ambition and a budding love, Greg must make a choice, which can change everything. Because time is running out, soon everything will disappear.”

August 16

The Bear – Season 2

The continuation of the brilliant culinary series, carried by Jeremy Allen White. In these 10 episodes, “Carmy, a young chef who took over the family sandwich shop in Chicago after a death in his family, has therefore left for a new adventure with his acolytes Sydney and Richie. The opening of the new restaurant promises to be very chaotic, and Carmy will still have his work cut out for him to carry out his project.”

August 23

Star Wars: Ahsoka – Season 1

The new series Star Wars of the platform will be a direct sequel to the anime series Rebels and bring Rosario Dawson back as the Jedi, Anakin’s last Padawan before he turns to the dark side. “In the aftermath of the fall of the Empire, ex-Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano investigates a latent threat that could upset the fragile balance of a still-vulnerable galaxy…” An event of the very very distant Galaxy, which promises to be full of winks for the fans.

August 25

Antigang: the takeovera film by Benjamin Rocher

The sequel to the 2015 film that was already a remake of the British detective film The Sweeney. The new king of French action cinema, Alban Lenoir, will hurt in the skin of this “former legend of the Antigang Squad known for his muscular and unconventional methods. Niels Cartier left the police following an intervention that went wrong and led to the death of his wife. When the gang of robbers responsible for his death reappears eight years later, Niels doesn’t let anyone stand in his way for revenge. Even if it means having to form an explosive duo in spite of himself with his 14-year-old daughter (Cassiopée Mayance), with a strong temperament…“Jean Reno and Sofia Essaïdi complete the cast.

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