Who yelled at Rebecca Ferguson?  The actress freaked out her colleagues with this revelation

Who yelled at Rebecca Ferguson? The actress freaked out her colleagues with this revelation

“First of all, yes, I really enjoyed the whole mess,” laughs the Dune 2 actress.

At the end of February, while she was in full promotion of the second part of Dune, Rebecca Ferguson explained that a colleague had yelled at during filming. Without mentioning a name, she detailed that she was shocked by this behavior of a person famous enough to be number 1 on the casting list on the day of filming a blockbuster, which she did not name either.

If she immediately excluded Hugh Jackman and Tom Cruise, with whom she has collaborated on several occasions, this shocking declaration had led to numerous speculations, pushing for example her partner to Hercules (2014), Dwayne Johnson, publicly defended himself. Ditto for Emily Blunt, with whom she played in The Girl on the Train, in 2013. Could it have been one of them? Or Michael Fassbender, with whom she toured in The Snowman (2017)? Or Ewan McGregor, whom she faced in Doctor Sleep (2019)? Perhaps he is no longer there to defend himself? During the filming of Herculesshe notably toured with John Hurt, who died in 2017.

“I made a movie with a completely stupid person as a co-star, she detailed. I won't say who it is, but it's not Hugh Jackman. Nor Tom Cruise. It was on a film from a few years ago, I was shooting a lot at the time. And this person had so little self-confidence, she was so angry at not being able to get out what she wanted for this scene… and I felt vulnerable alongside her. I was scared, and she yelled at me. And as this person played the main role (she details that the actress or actor was number 1 on the casting list), I had no security, no one supported me when I left the set in tears. This person dared to look me straight in the eye in front of an entire film crew to say: 'Is that what you call being an actress? Is this what I have to work with? What is this mess ?' The next day, I arrived on set and told him: 'Get off my tray.'

This is the first time I've talked about it, I remember being scared. I stared at this person and told them that they could get out, that I would never speak to them again. One of the producers came to me to explain that I couldn't act like that with the number one celebrity in the film, so I asked her to turn around, so I could say my lines in her back. That's what I did.

As I tell you this, I remember how scared I was, and I also said to myself: 'No, it shouldn't be like that.' I spoke to the director about it at the time, who admitted that he didn't take enough care of his team to go in the direction of this star, who was too unstable. I felt better after that. But it took me so long to get to this moment…

And so, this person is… No, I'm kidding. In addition, people change, we evolve. You see what I mean ? The thing is, now I feel super safe using my voice.”

Rebecca Ferguson at the Mission: Impossible Fallout premiere (July 2018)

Basically, this anecdote was not told to find out who was the culprit: the actress was trying to explain that this bad memory had helped her to “impose her voice” in Hollywood.

I'm not afraid to use my voice, to say what I have to say, she explained Also. Nor the consequences that this could have. Whether it's about politics, gender equality, gender… it doesn't matter, the important thing is to be passionate about what you say and to listen to the people around you. I used my voice, especially on sets, to make people feel safe.”

Asked about this on the show Sirius XMRebecca Ferguson admits that she “didn’t expect” for this statement to make so much noise. Then the 40-year-old actress recognizes, amused, having “rather enjoyed the whole mess.”

“I realized with all this that at the age I am today – 21 – all this doesn't matter. I am convinced that I am more open than before, I also know my limits. You know, the goal of this interview was not to find the person. Of course that will interest people. However, I was interested in the question, it was a very good reflection. : was there at a given moment in your career when you were treated in such a way that you decided – at least that's how I understood it – that you wanted change, that you would not accept such treatment? It was clear to me that working with this person was precisely that.

After this interview, I received calls from incredible colleagues I had worked with asking me: 'You know what you did, don't you?' And I said to myself: 'Oh my God no !' I hadn't thought about it. But hey, I'm not really the one responsible, in all honesty. I do not care. I tell myself : 'It's my story, and if you're a good person then you shouldn't worry about things like that.'

The journalist then laughs and says: “Actually, that person was Meryl Streep and everyone knew it!”to which Rebecca Ferguson responds with a laugh: “Damn !”

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