Brad Dourif is retiring… except for Chucky!

Brad Dourif is retiring… except for Chucky!

Horror fans can rest assured, the famous killer doll still seems to have many good years ahead of her.

For almost forty years, Chucky haunts the spectators. Recognizable by her red hair and her denim overalls worn over a striped sweater, this killer doll has become cult, taken up and imitated. At the head of a series created in 2021, Chucky is far from having hung up his dagger. And that’s good because neither does his voice actor! Brad Dourif is not ready to say goodbye to this saga, in which he has played since 1988.

The American site JoBlo reveals that the 74-year-old actor is thinking of retiring… with an exception for Chucky – the doll he cherishes so much and to which he has been faithful since his first moments in Child's play.

The news was leaked by people involved in the series Chucky :

“Dourif has declared his retirement from acting. The only reason he returned for the series is his daughter Fiona, plus he considers the creator of Chucky, Don Mancini, like his family. But for everything that is not Chuckyhe is thinking of retiring.”

Nominated for an Oscar for his role in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) and also known for his role as Grima “Snake tongue” In The Lord of the RingsSaroumane's underling, and his collaborations with David Lynch in Dune And Blue Velvetthe interpreter of disturbed and eccentric characters will now only lend his voice to the spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray living in the Chucky doll.

News that may reassure fans of horror cinema, especially since a new film was announced last month by the father of the franchise, Don Mancini. A return to cinema since Chucky Returns in 2017.

Retirement or not, Brad Dourif has not yet spoken on this subject, but his upcoming interview planned with JoBlo should confirm or not this hearsay.

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