30 years ago, Depardieu and Renaud triumphed thanks to Germinal

30 years ago, Depardieu and Renaud triumphed thanks to Germinal

The adaptation of Zola by Claude Berri will return tonight on France 5.

Germinal, by Claude Berri, will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary next month. This adaptation of Emile Zola’s novel which recounts the hopeless revolt of miners in the North of France was conceived thanks to an enormous budget, around 20 million euros today, and it paid off: it was one of the pretty success of its release year.

While waiting to see him again this evening on television, a look back at this success which also marked the screen debut of Corrine Masiero (she appeared there as a ballroom dancer). Ironically, while France 5 will offer Germinal, the actress will be on the third channel at the heart of a new episode of Captain Marleau!

Arrived on the screens precisely on September 29, 1993, Germinal brought together a large cast (Renaud, Gérard Depardieu, Miou-Miou, Jean Carmet, Laurent Terzieff, Judith Henry…) and the film ended its career with 6.1 million admissions. The fourth biggest success of the year in France, ahead of The fugitive And Dracula ; and just behind Jurassic Park (6.7 million), Aladdin (7.3 million)… and far behind Visitors (13.6 million).

Nominated for twelve César (including Best Director, Best Film), Germinal left with two technical trophies for photography and costumes during the 19th ceremony which was above all the triumph of Smoking/No Smoking by Alain Resnais. In 2017, Pathé restored it in 4K, and it is now this beautiful edition that is rebroadcast on the small screen.

Two years ago, France Télévisions decided to re-adapt this same story, but this time in a mini-series, and it was again a ratings success.

Germinal on France 2: why a series instead of a new film?

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