Why was She-Hulk so ugly?  New revelations behind the scenes of the series

Why was She-Hulk so ugly? New revelations behind the scenes of the series

The series has often been singled out for its unappealing special effects. New revelations come to explain this failure.

It took her a while to find the right carburetion, but She-Hulk was not a total industrial disaster. The Marvel series for summer 2022 was able to offer some really fun episodes, despite strangely questionable special effects.

An investigation published by Variety this week around Marvel Studios attests to problems that occurred well before post-production. According to internal sources, the VFX department did what it could but the problem was deeper. Indeed, a mic-mac in the writing of the scripts disrupted the entire schedule of She-Hulk and teams. Because the series was initially not supposed to show Jennifer’s transformation (Tatiana Maslany) in She-Hulk only from episode 8 (the penultimate)! However, Marvel changed its plans after watching images of the first shoots. The studio asked that the metamorphosis of the lawyer into She-Hulk takes place from the pilot!

The VFX therefore had to be urgently accelerated, explaining the visual failure. And Victoria Alonsoformer president of visual effects and post-production at Marvel Studios, paid the price, fired – at the beginning of 2023 – following numerous criticisms of the effects of She-Hulk but also of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

In the Variety file, internal sources believe that Alonso was simply a “scapegoat” for these VFX problems. “The so-called bad visual effects we saw were due to half-finished scripts” confides a person involved in She-Hulk. “The fault does not lie with Victoria Alonso but with Kevin Feige and even above Kevin. These issues should be resolved during pre-production. But the schedule doesn’t allow Marvel executives to take the time.”

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