Shōgun: the new Disney+ series promises a grandiose experience (trailer)

Shōgun: the new Disney+ series promises a grandiose experience (trailer)

In 1600 in Japan, a civil war between influential Japanese clans was in full swing. Prohibited for children under 16, this show adapted from James Clavell’s best-seller promises to honor all the complexity of a tense political climate.

In the light of a civil war that will mark the history of Japan, Jack Blackthrone, a shipwrecked man, English commander of the mysterious abandoned ship, holds a secret that could change the course of events. Lord Yoshii Toranaga, engaged in a fight to the death against his enemies on the Council, could make a killing by allying with the English commander. The destinies of Toranaga and Blackthorne will be closely linked to their translator, Toda Mariko, a mysterious Christian woman, the last of a line that has fallen into disgrace.

In the casting of Shogun ? British actor Cosmos Jarvis swaps his cap Peaky Blinders to blend into the skin of John Blackthorne, formerly played by Richard Chamberlain in the adaptation of Eric Bercovici from 1980. In the role of the lord Hiroyuki Sanada (The last Samourai), who will request the translator services of Toda Mariko, played by the New Zealand singer Anna Sawai (Fast & Furious).

Shōgun will consist of 10 episodes and will be released on Disney+ on February 27, 2024.

Disney+ has lost 1.3 million subscribers since its price increase

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