With 28 years later, Danny Boyle and Alex Garland want to launch a new trilogy

With 28 years later, Danny Boyle and Alex Garland want to launch a new trilogy

After 28 Days Later and its sequel 28 Weeks Later, the enraged saga prepares its return. With the original duo at the helm.

Remember to Cillian Murphy wandering the streets of a totally deserted London… It was the fantastic opening scene of 28 days latera brilliant madman film by Danny Boyle (released in 2002), on a script byAlex Garland (who will later realize Ex Machina Or Annihilation). The duo is meeting again this year to work on a new sequel: 28 years laterwhich will aim to launch a brand new trilogy.

It should be noted that there already exists a 28 weeks later (released in 2007), with Robert Carlyle And Rose Byrne. But Danny Boyle And Alex Garland, although executive producers, did not actively contribute to it. This suite was produced by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.

This time, 28 years later will once again be directed by Boyle, who has not directed a feature film since the romantic comedy Yesterday in 2019. Garland is responsible for writing a complete trilogy. The film is looking for a production budget of around 75 million dollars, much more than the first two parts, made for 8 and 15 million.

Recently, Cillian Murphy suggested he wanted to go back there too: “I spoke to Danny Boyle about it. Like I’ve always said, I’m in. I would love to do it. If Alex found a script and Danny wants to do it, then so do I.”

It remains to be seen whether the new trilogy will be a direct sequel or a new experience in this post-apo world.

28 years later doesn’t have a release date yet. Danny Boyle and Alex Garland will start negotiating with the studios.

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