Yellowstone: Kevin Costner asked for a right of veto, it was the last straw

Yellowstone: Kevin Costner asked for a right of veto, it was the last straw

Taylor Sheridan said stop.

Kevin Costner wanted to be more and more involved in the production of Yellowstone, to the point of having veto power over the scripts for the new season. This was the last straw for Taylor Sheridan.

According to information from insider Puck, representatives of Kevin Costner had expressed the actor’s desire to return for the second part of season 5, despite scheduling complications. He might even have been able to do seasons 6 and 7 afterwards. The creator and director had already completed the scripts for the second half of the fifth season, without Kevin Costner, but was willing to rewrite them to bring back John Dutton. But when Taylor Sheridan called Costner in early July to discuss his potential return to Yellowstone, he would then have had unacceptable demands on the creator: a salary increase, a reduced filming schedule and the right to review, approve and potentially veto each script! The point of no return for Taylor Sheridanwho himself writes each episode of Yellowstone.

According to Puck, Kevin Costner still has a harmful power over the end of the series: in fact, if Sheridan wishes to kill the character before the end of Yellowstonehe will have to have Kevin Costner’s approval, as stipulated in his contract, which includes a “moral death” clause that lists the ways his character can and cannot disappear.

Representatives of Kevin Costner have not yet responded to revelations.

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