Zack Snyder defends his Batman's murderous behavior

Zack Snyder defends his Batman's murderous behavior

Regularly questioned about his scriptwriting choices, the director once again justifies that of showing a bloodier Bruce Wayne.

Zack Snyder said in a recent interview for The Joe Rogan Experience that he did not understand the fans' hatred towards his work and that it sometimes even became “staff”. Amid bad reviews for his latest film, Netflix's space opera Rebel Moon, Zack Snyder read an article that called him a filmmaker at “to like” Or “to hate“.

I have no problem with you not liking the movie, said Zack Snyder. That's not the question. We do not care. The trick is how personal you make it. The fact of hating myself personally because of the film, I don't understand that.

Zack Snyder for example faced a wave of hatred when he attacked a key figure in the DC universe, Batman. His more aggressive version of Dark Night in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (available on FirstMax), endorsed by Ben Affleck, was not unanimous, far from it. In Snyderesque fiction, the antihero inflicts serious injuries on criminals and finishes off some of his enemies. This script direction outraged comic book purists. The latter revolted by brandishing a protest argument: Batman never kills his opponents. Zack Snyder responded to this almost unanimous discontent:

It's a lifestyle for many people. It's not like I'm making a romantic comedy. For comic book fans, I like them to experience it with passion. I will never criticize this, I do the same thing. For these guys, it's not just a movie, so at a certain point you have to recognize that it's their religion and they care a lot about it. It's also my religion.”

Zack Snyder said he “tends to get into trouble“with the fervent defenders of comics”because I take a deconstructed point of view. I want to take superheroes aside.”

People advocate that “Batman can't kill” and that it is an integral part of the character's story. From there, I say to myself “Well, let’s see what happens, then.” Fans retort that Batman should not be put in a situation where he would be forced to kill someone. I answer them: “It's like protecting your God in an unhealthy way, isn't it? You're making your God an irrelevant character.”, he considers.

Zack Snyder preferred to challenge the figure of Batman by putting him in delicate situations, questioning the limits of the character. The filmmaker admitted to being inspired by the comics of Frank Miller, The Dark Knight Returns. He revealed that fans don't want to see their hero in an awkward position.”because we don't want to see it fail“, he also revealed that he was not interested in a superhero who must preserve his status”divine“.

Batman v Superman remains a blockbuster that has revived the enthusiasm of fans of the DC universe. The duality of the two caped superheroes generated $874 million in global box office revenue, for a budget of $250 million. If its reviews were quite mixed upon its cinema release, it was re-evaluated in its long version.

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