Oppenheimer/Barbie: two free documentaries to watch before the release

Oppenheimer/Barbie: two free documentaries to watch before the release

To be found on the ARTE and France TV websites.

On July 19, Barbie and Oppenheimer, two of the most anticipated films of the summer will be released in theaters at the same time. The comedy of Greta Gerwig and the historical thriller of Christopher Nolan (two rooms, two atmospheres) will engage, next Wednesday, in the conquest of the box office. For the most impatient/undecided, here is a selection of two documentaries that might convince you to watch one before the other.

Barbie vs Oppenheimer: who will win the box office battle?

And God created the Barbie by Julie Delettre and Gabriel Garcia

More than just a toy, she has become the most famous pop icon in the world: more than 60 years after her creation, Barbie hasn’t aged a bit. She even became the star of the eponymous film by Greta Gerwig. Barbie has impeccable blonde hair, she is fine and slender, with slender legs, a fair complexion, always well-groomed and made up (a bit like Margot Robbie): “a perfect being in a perfect world”. Finally, for some, it only conveys a stereotypical and sexist image of women in society… and even if the fashion doll has changed a lot over time, for many it is still far from feminist values. This documentary invites you to come back to the evolution of this intergenerational icon, to decipher its secrets and its excesses through the testimonies of personalities such as Nicky Doll, Zahia, Lio, Frederique Bel, Olivier Rousteing or Arielle Dombasle.

Available until September 05, 2023 on France TV

Watch And God Created the Barbie (Julie Delettre and Gabriel Garcia) on France TV

The bomb by Rushmore Denooyer

“Oppenheimer put the question of the end of the world on the table,” Christopher Nolan said in an interview with Paris Match. What to announce the color (a little less pink) of his new film which will trace the life of the physicist Oppenheimer, interpreted by Cillian Murphy. Director Rushmore Denooyer went from fiction to reality by immersing himself for more than a year in photographs and films recently declassified by the US Department of Defense. Thanks to remarkable archival work and unpublished testimonies, The bomb traces the scientific, political and cultural history of the invention of the atomic bomb, “from the launch of the Manhattan Project led by physicist Robert Oppenheimer to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945”.

Available until December 28, 2023 on ARTE

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