14 days to get better: Maxime Gasteuil must choose his totem animal (teaser)

14 days to get better: Maxime Gasteuil must choose his totem animal (teaser)

Will Maxime manage to adapt to the quinoa diet? Ragnar le Breton, Redouane Bougheraba, Chantal Lauby and Michel Boujenah participate in the comedy.

Maxime is a careerist, he only thinks about his professional and marital future with Nadège, his boss's daughter. On the verge of burnout, Maxime signs up for an internship “well-being” with his glue pot brother-in-law Romain. On the nerves, the break will not be easy for the main person concerned, at the end of his rope. For 14 days, Maxime must acclimatize to the habits and customs of zenitude, quinoa diet, and selection of the totem animal (placebo effect, according to Maxime)…

Supervised by two coaches “clairvoyants” (Zabou Breitman And Lionel Abelanski), (almost) all the participants come to gather in this haven of peace.

The comedian Maxime Gasteuil takes his first steps on the big screen in a leading role, surrounded by a first-rate cast, Chantal Lauby, Michel Boujenah, Bernard Farcy, Esteban, Rosa Bursztein. 14 days to get better exorcises a personal journey, that of the director Édouard Rainyparticipant of a well-being course.

The film will compete in the best feature film category at the 2024 Alpe d'Huez International Comedy Film Festival.

14 days to get better will be released in theaters on March 6, 2024.

Maxime Gasteuil has 14 days to get better (trailer)

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