Daryl returns to order in the new teaser for his Walking Dead series

A Mad Max in France? This is the reference for the new Walking Dead series

Producer Greg Nicotero tells his vision for Daryl Dixon’s adventures in our beautiful country.

Goodbye America. Daryl Dixon will be in France following The Walking Dead, with the new series debuting next week. And his journey through France will have the air of Mad Maxas Greg Nicotero tells Slash Film.

The producer explains his vision: “When I talked to David (Zabel, showrunner) about the show, early in development, I kept referring to the ‘Road Warrior.’ See? Mad Max 2 ? We meet Mad Max in the desert and he connects with a group of people. This Walking Dead will be our version of Mad Max ! It’s a road show. Daryl arrives in Marseille, then makes his journey and crosses a post-apocalyptic France…”

As in Mad Max 2where the hero witnessed the tragic disappearance of his family before sinking, the solo series will see Daryl Dixon start as a lone warrior before meeting other survivors…

And he’s not going to kill them all: “He will be able to meet a few people that we will only see once or twice, before continuing on his journey… because it’s a pure road movie!

Series Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon will be launched on September 11 in France on OCS.

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