Agent Stone (Netflix): what is this action thriller with Gal Gadot worth?  (critical)

Agent Stone (Netflix): what is this action thriller with Gal Gadot worth? (critical)

The Wonder Woman star plays a spy faced with a Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning scenario.

Damned media timeline. When we discovered Agent Stone, it was long before we saw the last Mission: Impossible, and the outcome of the fight is obviously very predictable. As in Dead Reckoning, the plot of this Netflix actioner basically revolves around a super computer program capable of predicting everything, manipulating everything. Massive use of digital effects, Agent Stone does not make this a real issue of cinema, and that’s a shame: how to stage spies fighting against an almighty algorithm when one is broadcast on the platform embodying the almighty algorithm? The film dodges the question and prefers to focus on the action. The result is nice, not because of the algorithm, but because of the heroine who surfs the best on it (spoiler alert: it’s Gal Gadot).

Here is the official synopsis ofAgent Stone by Tom Harper, available this Friday August 11 on Netflix (with Gal Gadot, Jamie Dornan, Matthias Schweighöfer…): “Rachel Stone, intelligence specialist for a mysterious peacekeeping agency, tries to prevent a hacker from steal his most valuable and fearsome weapon.”

Trailer :

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