And now Zack Snyder wants to "fix" Sucker Punch

And now Zack Snyder wants to “fix” Sucker Punch

Thirteen years later, Zack Snyder is still unhappy with the end of Babydoll's spooky adventures, for which he also declares having shot an alternative ending.

After having defended his murderous Bruce Wayne, given his version of Justice League and having already planned a “director's cut” of Rebel Moon, Zack Snyder recently returned to another piece of his superheroic filmography: Sucker Punch. In the columns ofEmpireand when asked what aspect of his work he would change if he could, Zack Snyder mentioned his fifth film in a much less hypothetical way than one might think.

Released in 2011, Sucker Punch tells of emancipation through Babydoll's dream (Emily Browning), young woman interned by her family in a psychiatric establishment where lobotomy is legion, and who, at the head of a group of young girls (camped by Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens And Jamie Chung), sets out to face a whole bestiary of fantastic creatures. A failure at the box office, this film was widely criticized upon its release, in particular because of the way in which the young girls' characters are represented (schoolgirl mini-skirts, dizzying necklines and outrageous makeup), but not only that.

However, it is only at the end of the film that its director – accustomed to director's cut, therefore – questions:

“The only movie I would change is Sucker Punch, he declares, because it was never finished properly. Even the director's cut is not really the right setup. It's actually just an extended version. If I had the chance, I would correct this film.”

This opportunity could present itself soon: the director of Man of Steel And Batman vs. Superman indeed declares having already shot this alternative ending:

“I've already shot the footage: just let me edit it. We ask permission from time to time (from the studio, editor's note). We have to ask again. I think there must be a period where no one does not have the rights to the film.”

Decided, Zack Snyder addresses his fans: “If they want to start a campaign, I'm all for it,” he declares. A strategy that has already paid off in the past: fans of the DCU big man are fans of the petition: the campaign “release the Snyder Cut of Justice League” having worked incredibly well. Perhaps we will see Babydoll come back and break the house in a short time?

Sofia Boutella, unleashed in the trailer for Rebel Moon – Part 2: The Slasher, by Zack Snyder

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